Bollywood-Janmashtami Celebrations

Krishna Janmashtami 2019: Usher in the Festive Fervor with These Bollywood Enjoy Dahi Handi Songs

On the off chance that you are wanting to arrange Dahi Handi in your general vicinity, and are searching for the ideal playlist, here are all the Bollywood melodies that you have to incorporate.

Commending the introduction of Lord Krishna, Janmashtami is a noteworthy Hindu celebration and in this way, a Gazetted occasion in numerous locales of India. The celebration is otherwise called Gokulashtami or Sreekrishna Jayanthi and is commended on the eighth day of Krishna Paksha (dim fortnight) normally in the long stretch of Bhadrapada.

Janmashtami festivities are round the corner, with sanctuaries effectively starting enhancements for the huge day. To be praised on Saturday, August 24, Krishna Janmostav, otherwise called Janmashtami, is seen on the eighth day of the Krishna Paksh of the Bhadrapada month of the Hindu schedule.

Any Janmashtami festivity is fragmented without fun and nourishment. While sustenance, particularly Panjiri, is a basic piece of Janmashtami festivities, the fun part accompanies the Dahi Handi rivalries. On the off chance that you are additionally wanting to compose Dahi Handi in your general vicinity, and are searching for an ideal playlist, here are every one of the melodies that you have to include:


Go Govinda

Sonakshi Sinha and Prabhudheva moving to the melody Go Govinda in the motion picture OMG – Oh My God! is the quintessential Dahi Handi tune. At the point when the Govinda moves up the human pyramid to break the earthern pot, the expression that is frequently utilized is ‘Aala Re Aala, Govinda Aala’ and this melody gives all of you the correct feels for boundless fun on Janmashtami.


Govinda Aala Re

Not simply new

age Bollywood, however even retro Bollywood was very affected by Janmashtami and Dahi Handi. The tune Govinda Aala Refrom 1963 motion picture Bluff Master demonstrates Shammi Kapoor breaking the earthern pot. Strikingly, this is one of the uncommon highly contrasting motion pictures to have Dahi Handi festivities.


Mach Gaya Shor

If you need to see Amitabh Bachchan connecting for the handi in the festival, this melody is the thing that you have to see immediately. From the film Khuddar, the melody Mach Gaya Shor indicates Sr Bachchan observing Janmashtami with his mark move moves.


Chandi ki Daal Par

All Salman Khan fans may know about the tune Chandi Ki Daal Par Sone Ka Mor from the motion picture Hello Brother which helps individuals to remember the Dahi Handi festivities. With mark moves of Salman Khan and Rani Mukherjee, the tune catches Dahi Handi festivity alongside the enjoyment around.


Har Taraf Hai Yeh Shor

If there is one state in India that has made Dahi Handi well known all around the country, it is Maharashtra. Furthermore, the melody Har Taraf Mach Gaya Shor from the 1999 motion picture Vaastav catches the Dahi Handi convention being commended in Mumbai. In the melody, Sanjay Dutt can be seen moving and sharing in the party.